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8140LS Rotary Sonic Rig


Powerful Mid-Size Rotary Sonic Rig

Easily Handles

10-ft. Tooling

Full rotary capabilities combined with our patented GV4 Sonic Head.



Rotary Sonic Rig

The Geoprobe® model 8140LS is a compact Roto-Sonic Drill Rig. It boasts of full rotary capabilities combined with our patented sonic head (a Geoprobe Systems® exclusive).

The people behind the machine will bring you unmatched service and support. The 8140LS was proudly designed and built right here in Salina KS, USA.

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Why Geoprobe® Sonic?

New Sonic Machines...New Sonic Tools...New Sonic Success!

  • Comprehensive Sonic Training
  • Full-size and Mid-size Rigs
  • Sonic Service Support
  • Continous Sonic Product Development
  • Sonic Tooling In Stock
  • Exclusive Sonic Dual Tube Tubing

Features, Options & Accessories

Geoprobe® GV4 Sonic Head

  • Designed, Manufactured & Supported by Geoprobe Systems®
  • Full Rotational Drilling Capabilities
  • Modular Head designed to simplify maintenance & repair
  • Head Tip Out 25 degrees
  • Oscillator Frequency 0-130 Hz
  • Patented Under US Patent No. 8,342,263

Swing-Arm Control Panel w/ Advanced  Diagnostics System

  • Variable Location Control Panel per operator preference & Safety
  • Digital Display Screen w/ multi-function output
  • Electric over Hydraulic System
  • Advanced Warning display screens for operator & equipment safety
  • Variable Speed controls for drilling operations

Proven 40 Chassis Design

  • Integrated Frame Rail System for optional features
  • Rear Stabilizer blade and drop rack tooling systems
  • Easy Engine Access for general maintenance & repair
  • Maneuvered w/ wireless or tethered remote systems
  • Two Auxiliary Hydraulic ports support optional accessories
  • Front Outriggers have 26” of travel (12” below tracks)
  • Rear Outriggers have 28” of travel (12” below tracks)

Optional Features:

  • Side Storage Box
  • SPX40 Hose Pump
  • FMC Triplex Pump
  • Moyno 3L6 Pump
  • Rod Handling System
  • Hose Reel & Wand
  • Optional Rotational Safety

Breakout System

  • Easily Unlocks Tool Joints
  • Holds Casing sizes 2 in. - 12 in.
  • Articulating Rod Holder

Geoprobe® Sonic Tooling

  • 4x6 Sonic Tooling
  • 6x8 Sonic Tooling
  • 8x10 Sonic Tooling
  • SDT45 Sonic Sampling
  • SDT60 Sonic Sampling


  Standard Metric
Weight (standard machine) 22,900 lb. 10 409 kg
Width 84 in. 2 134 mm
Length (folded) 298 in. 7 569 mm
Length (unfolded) 197 in. 5 004 mm
Height (folded) 118 in. 2 997 mm
Height (unfolded - winch mast up) 285 in. 7 239 mm
Extension (fore and aft) 11 in. 279.4 mm
Lateral Swing N.A.
Fuel Capacity (diesel) 40 gal 151 L
Engine (diesel) CAT®, 4-cylinder turbocharged
Engine Power (continuous) 120 hp 90 kW
Surface Load Pressure (standard machine) 6.2 psi 43 kPa
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 55 gal 208 L
Hydraulic Flow (max) 100 gpm 376 Lpm
Hydraulic System Pressure (max) 4,000 psi 276 bar
Auxiliary Hydraulic Outlets Flow 0 - 12 gpm 0 - 45 Lpm
Auxiliary Hydraulic Outlet Pressure 3,000 psi 207 bar
Winch Pull Back 2,000 lb 909 kg
Winch Line Speed 0 - 110 fpm 0 - 40 mpm
Ground Speed 1.5 mph 2.4 kph
GV4 Sonic Head Specifications
  Standard Metric
Vertical Travel (GV4 Sonic Head) 157 in. 3 988 mm
Side Shift Travel (GV4 Sonic Head) 26 in. 660 mm
Head Tip Out 25°
Oscillator Freq 0-130 Hz
Down Force 20,000 lbs
Retraction Force 20,000 lbs
Torque (high torque/low speed) 4,000 ft-lbs
Torque (low torque/high speed) 2,500 ft-lbs
Rotation speed (low speed/high torque) 80 rpm
Rotation speed (high speed/low torque) 120 rpm
Break Out System Specifications
  Standard Metric
Clamp Force 0-21,000 lbs 0-93.4 kN
Breakout Torque 13,500 ft-lb 18,300 Nm
Casing Sizes 2-12 in. 50-305 mm
Vertical Travel 9 in. 230 mm

*Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.




Overview & Features

Geoprobe® 8140LS Sonic Overview
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Sonic Rod Handler Overview
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High-Speed Coring Head for Sonic
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