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Bold, High Performance Combo Rig


Impressive Results

The Geoprobe® Model 8040DT is a high-capacity direct push machine with a durable undercarriage, hollow stem auger capabilities, and a wide-base platform.



This machine is capable of driving 2.25 in, 3.5 in. and 4.5 in tooling in areas that were previously unthinkable

The Geoprobe® 8040DT arrives with exciting new possibilities, increased power, more versatility, and the push you need to stay ahead of the game!


As with all direct push machines, the hammer is critical to how well the machine performs in the field. The GH80 Hammer on the 8040DT is capable of driving 2.25 in. and 3.5 in. tooling to greater depths in tougher formations. Or if a larger volume soil sample or 2 in. well is needed, the GH80 direct drives the new 4.5 in. tooling completing projects that were previously unthinkable. Designed into the 8040DT is a long list of features. The machine incorporates a two-speed hydraulic top head for classic auger/drilling methods for lithologies not conducive to direct push techniques. According to Ryan Kejr, Machine Design Engineer, “the head handles the full 80,000 lb. of pullback required for a direct push machine of this magnitude. The 8040DT head also has an integrated hydraulic clamp to safely and quickly pull rods while maintaining an open ID.” All three functions are mounted on a sideshift carriage allowing the operator to work the ID of the rod without moving the foot.

“Having such a durable rotary head,” said Mark Schock, Owner of Glacier Drilling in Durham, CT, and first 8040DT owner, “gives you a feeling of comfort knowing the damaging percussion of a downhole hammer won’t destroy the rotary head or probe hammer. The potential and possibilities for rotary drilling, such as auger, roller cone, mud, or even [competent rock] core, are available here like no other probe machine.”
Glacier’s clients have seen the value of installing 2-in. monitoring wells using direct push.
“Being able to grout off a 2-in. prepacked well screen as well as generating zero soil cuttings for disposal is a money saver,” Mark said.

Think about it ... for a borehole of this size, you’ll have no cuttings. At a test site in Tennessee, the 8040DT pushed 4.5 in. tooling through hard clays and dense sands to approximately 42 ft., with no cuttings.

Joe Wilkinson, Vice President of M&W Drilling in Knoxville, TN, was on site with the Geoprobe® R&D Engineers during well installation where the field team punched as many as 18 holes (nearly 756 ft.) per day. “We were completing as many holes as a sonic-type machine that was there,” Joe stated.

“The sonic-type rig was generating close to a drum of IDW (investigation derived waste) per hole because they had to core the material from 20 ft. to approximately 42 ft. We were able to drive the 4.5 in. solid points to depth without generating any IDW at all. The client was impressed.”

The 8040DT was also tested at Otis Air National Guard Base in Massachusetts. According to Andrew Tingley, Field Services Manager for CH2M HILL, a contractor at the base, their field team liked what they saw.

“This rig had the power, maneuverability, and geometry to install prepacked screens up to 200 ft. bgs in a short period of time. We liked what we saw. At one point in my career, I believed that direct push technology would never reach the depths that we can achieve today. That’s a credit to the research and testing done by the Geoprobe® staff.”


Other machine features include an 84-in. stroke, sideshift that allows centerline access of the toolstring, an integrated electronic diagnostic system, a swing-arm adjustable control panel, a rear stabilizing blade compatible with the Geoprobe® drop-rack system, four hydraulic auxiliary circuits, and a scalable control architecture that allows the customer to quickly reconfigure the unit to match project needs.

And for those of you who want more, the 8040DT has an optional 140 lb. automatic drop hammer, a high-speed hydraulic coring head, a power washer module (which can be added or removed from the machine in 10 minutes), a hydraulic foot clamp for holding rods; a hydraulic winch for handling augers and tripping sampling tools, and a progressive cavity pump (hydraulic and electronic controls are already in place).

“I’ve predominantly been a rotary drilling contractor for over 20 years,” Mark with Glacier Drilling added. “So when I agreed with Vic Rotonda’s (Geoprobe® Mid-Atlantic Region) suggestion to go to Kansas to see a “new project”, I quickly saw why Vic and the other Geoprobe® engineers were excited. The rotary torque, increased hammer capacity, and pullback capabilities of this new machine were all impressive. Although purchasing the first machine in a new series line can sometimes be risky, the personal relationship I had established with the Geoprobe® team over the past few years never made me doubt the inevitable ... I was going to be a happy customer if I purchased the 8040DT. It was trust that sold me on my investment.”

“Durability and power sum up the whole 8040DT experience for me, from the design to the performance and everything in between,” Mark continued.

“We’re really excited about the new capacity this 8040DT machine brings to our industry,” said Tom Omli, Geoprobe® Customer Service. “Although the 8040DT isn’t for everyone, we’re convinced that this new product will impact many of our customers positively, creating numerous economic benefits. This machine is one of those things you just need to see in operation. A spec sheet with diagrams and numbers just doesn’t adequately convey the value engineered into this offering. It’s simply a machine like no other.”

If you have questions about the 8040DT machine, call Tom Omli at Geoprobe Systems® at 1-800-436-7762. Arrange to see the 8040DT machine in action and you won't be disappointed!

CE LogoThe 8040DT machine is documented and conforms with all essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives using the appropriate conformity assessment procedures.

Multiple Applications

Applications of the 8040DT include:

  • Augering
  • Standard Penetration Testing
  • Injection
  • 2.0 inch Monitoring Well Installation
  • Direct Push Sampling

Features, Options & Accessories

Some of those features Geoprobe® operators are sure to notice quickly include:

  • 84 in. (2134 mm) probe cylinder stroke allows use of 60 in. (1524 mm) probe rods
  • 40 ton pulling capacity for today’s larger sampling tools and deeper depths
  • Equipped with the five-function CB8 Combo Head
  • Heavy Duty Undercarriage has a wider track that carries more weight, adds more torque, reduces ground pressure and handles greater tool weight
  • Wireless remote control
  • Built-in rotary spindle for concrete drilling, augering, and anchoring
  • Equipped with a hydraulic winch for handling augers and tripping dual tube sampling tools
  • Powered by a four-cylinder, 120 hp, liquid-cooled CAT® turbo diesel engine
  • Hydraulic movement in all three axes allows easy probe alignment with tool string
  • Five Auxiliary hydraulic ports provide power for remote equipment
  • Sideshift that allows centerline access of toolstring
  • Hydraulic Rod & Casing pull feature is compatible with 4.25 in., 3.5 in., and 2.25 in. Geoprobe® tooling.
  • 8040DT Transport OptionIntegral Electronic Diagnostic System works to safeguard the unit and help the operator quickly diagnose problems in the field.
  • Rear Stabilizing Blade compatible with the Geoprobe® Drop-Rack System
  • Adjustable Operator Control Panel is mounted on a swing arm enabling quick and easy movement to the optimum position for operation.


  Standard Metric
Weight (standard machine) 17,500 lb. 7,938 kg
Width 80 in. 2,032 mm
Length (folded) 176 in. 4,470 mm
Length (unfolded) 190 in. 4,826 mm
Height (folded)  99 in. 2,515 mm
Height (unfolded - winch mast down) 153 in. 3,886 mm
Height (unfolded - winch mast up) 232 in. 5,893 mm
Extension (fore and aft) 15 in. 381 mm
Lateral Swing . ±8 degrees
Oscillation ±10 degrees
Vertical Travel (CB8 Combo Head) 84 in. 2,134 mm
Side Shift Travel (CB8 Combo Head) 26 in. 660 mm
Head Feed Speed (down) 32 ft/min 10 m/min
Head Feed Speed (up – no Regen) 26 ft/min 8 m/min
Head Feed Speed (up – Regen) 63 ft/min 19 m/min
Down Force 59,000 lb. 262 kN
Retraction Force 80,000 lb. 356 kN
Percussion Hammer System GH80
Percussion Hammer Rate 32 Hz
Torque (high torque/low speed) 6,000 ft-lb. 8,135 N·m
Torque (low torque/high speed) 3,000 ft-lb. 4,067 N·m
Rotation speed (low speed/high torque) 0 - 100 rpm
Rotation speed (high speed/low torque) 0 - 200 rpm
Fuel Capacity (diesel) 40 gal 151 L
Engine (diesel) CAT®, 4-cylinder turbocharged
Engine Power 120 hp 90 kW
Surface Load Pressure (standard machine) 6.8 psi 47 kPa
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 55 gal 208 L
Hydraulic Flow (max) 100 gpm 379 Lpm
Hydraulic System Pressure (max) 4,000 psi 276 bar
Auxiliary Hydraulic Outlets Flow 0 - 12 gpm 0 - 45 Lpm
Auxiliary Hydraulic Outlet Pressure 3,000 psi 207 bar
Winch Pull Back 2,500 lb 1,134 kg
Winch Line Speed 0 - 140 fpm 0 - 43 mpm
Winch Mast Stroke 63 in. 1,600 mm
Ground Speed 3.0 mph 4.8 kph

*Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.

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*Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.






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