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Strong Direct Push Features

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Modular, Easy-to-Use Machine

The Geoprobe® Model 6712DT is an Economical, Compact, Direct Push Drilling rig and successor to the 6610DT!



Economical, Compact, Direct Push Drilling Rig


Compact and Modular Design
The 6712DT combines the strengths of the 6610DT (such as its Size and Cost Effectiveness) with creature comforts previously only seen in larger machines. It breaks into 3 separate components for easy travel overseas, it is Heli-Portable, and is a snap to put back together again.

Easy to Use - Easy to Maintain
The user-friendly control panel is streamlined and completely hydraulic. The location of the hydraulics makes this machine service-friendly. With rugged construction as well as fewer and simpler components this machine is ready to be your next workhorse for small-medium direct push projects!

Tooling & Accessories
The 6712DT Runs the GH63 Hammer with Single Speed Bi-directional Rotation as well as an Optional GA2500 Two Speed Auger System. The 6712DT can run the following Geoprobe® Tooling Systems:

Features, Options & Accessories

Some of those features Geoprobe® operators are sure to notice quickly include:

  • Modular Machine Design
    Can be assembled and Disassembled in three parts
    (weight includes GA2500 & Mast & Winch assembly)
    - Undercarriage  2,000 lb.
    - Unit Platform  2,120 lb.
    - Drill Mast  2,360 lb.
  • Heavy Duty Track Drive System
  • GH63 Hammer w/ Single Speed Bi-directional Rotation
  • Simple Control Panel Design
  • Optional GA2500 Two Speed Auger System (See Specs)
  • Optional Mast & Winch System
  • Rear Blade Assembly for Tooling Transport and machine stabilization
  • Better access to key components for serviceability and maintenance


  6712DT Specifications
Stroke 66 in. 1 676 mm
Weight (w/o Auger Head & Mast & Winch) 5,900 lb. 2 681.8 kg
Weight (w/ Auger Head & Mast & Winch) 6,480 lb. 2 945.5 kg
Width 52 in. 1 321 mm
Length (folded) 115 in. 2921 mm
Height (folded) 84.5 in. 2 146 mm
Height (unfolded) 153.5 in. 3 899 mm
Foot Travel 30 in. 762 mm
Extension 15.75 in. 400 mm
Down Force 36,800 lb. 164 kn
Retraction Force 49,000 lb. 218 kn
Hydraulic Pressure (system) 2,500/3,400 psi 172/234 bar
Hydraulic Flow Rate (system) 24 gpm 90 Lpm
Hammer System GH63
Percussion Rate 32 Hz
Torque (hammer motor) 560 ft. lb. 759 N·M
Rotation Rate (hammer motor) 200 rpm (bi-directional)
Fuel Capacity (diesel) 14 gal 53 L
Engine (diesel) Kubota, 4-cylinder turbo
Engine Power 44.2 hp 33 Kw
Rear Blade Travel 29 in. 737 mm
Travel Speed 0-2.5 mph 0-4 kph
Surface Load @ 5,900 lb. 4.3 lb./in.2 0.3 kg/cm2
Surface Load @ 6,480 lb. 4.7 lb./in.2
0.33 kg/cm2
Winch Rating 2,500 lb 1 136 kg
Winch Speed 0-110 fpm 0-33.5 m/min

Augerhead Specifications
Torque (high torque/low speed) 2,500 ft. lb. 3 389 N·M
Torque (low torque/high speed) 1,250 ft. lb. 1 694 N·M
Hex adapter 1-5/8 in 41 mm
Rotation speed (low speed/high torque) 0-70 rpm
Rotation speed (high speed/low torque 0-150 rpm


*Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.




Overview & Features

Tools & Equipment

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Hammer Charge Procedure
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