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A True Combination Rig


Impressive Power

and a

Sweet Ride Home

The 3200 combination machine ... designed with speed and power in mind ... features proven Geoprobe® direct push technology and a multi-speed drill head which allows it to stand alone in the technical drilling market.



Direct Push | Rotary Drilling

The 3230DT and 3200 are TRUE combination machines, which means their utilization rates go up simply because they are well suited for both geotechnical and environmental work.

The versatility of the 32 Series machines lies within the 4-function CB6 Combo Head ... the performance master for these rigs. There’s rotation for augering, mud and wet rotary, and rock coring work, and a patented hydraulic head clamp for safely and quickly pulling 1.25- to 6.0 in. rods while maintaining an open ID for downhole work. There’s a percussion hammer for direct push work, like driving 6-in. casing for monitoring well installation, and an automatic drop hammer that hydraulically swings out over the hole.

There’s a side-shift feature for moving the head so you can work the inside diameter of the rod without moving the drill mast.


What about torque? These machines have plenty of it! There’s low-end torque for hollow stem applications and plenty of high end speed for rock coring and air and mud rotary.

And don’t forget the control panel ... it’s adjustable, easy-to-use, and well planned. You can separately adjust weight on bit, rotation speed, and pump flow for excellent operator control in the field. 

The most noticeable option on these machines is the 23-ft. telescoping mast and dual winches. They take the work out of setting monitoring wells or utilizing splitspoon samplers while tripping 20-ft. sections of rods at a time.

There’s 800 rpm for coring bedrock. There are drilling controls to do rock coring. Do you need 20 feet of rock coring done at 20 locations? This machine is perfect! And remember there’s a percussion hammer to set up to 6-in. casing. 

There are way too many features, options and applications possible that make the 32 Series machines too powerful and too versatile to not take a second look at them.

Click here to download the 3200 E-specs

Features, Options & Accessories

  • Patented CB7 Combo Head

  • Multi-Function Drill Mast
    Air Rotary, Augering, Direct Push/Percussion, Diamond Coring, Mud Rotary, SPT, Pullback

  • Movable, Adjustable Control Panel

  • 80K Pullback

  • Head Centerline Side-Shift

  • Dual Winch with Telescoping Mast (Optional)

  • Outriggers for Added Stabilization

  • 50K Downforce

  • Drilling Control Configurations

  • Rock Coring Compatible

  • Advances 6 in. Tooling


Weight (apprx, base unit only) 25,000 lb 11,350 kg
Width 102 in 2,591 mm
Length (transport) 277 in 7,036 mm
Length (deployed, fully extended) 330 in 8,382 mm
Height (normal transport) 150 in 3,810 mm
Height (deployed, winch mast up) 286 in 7,264 mm
Extension (fore and aft) 15.5 in 393 mm
Lateral Movement (side-to-side) 3 in 76 mm
Oscillation + 11 degrees from vertical
Head Feed Travel 84 in 2,134 mm
Drill Mast Travel (up and down) 57 in 1,448 mm
Drill Mast Outrigger Travel 26 in. 660 mm
Head Down Force 50,000 lbf 222 kN
Head Retraction Force 80,000 lbf 356 kN
Head Feed Down (rate) 60 ft/min 18 m/min
Head Feed Up (rate, regen) 93 ft/min 38 m/min
Head Feed Up (rate, non-regen) 46 ft/min 14 m/min
HP Limited Pump, max pressure 4,000 psi 275.8 bar
HP Limited Pump, max flow 72 gpm 273 L/min
Fuel Capacity (diesel) 80 gal 303 L
Drop Height, standard 30 in. 762 mm
Float 31 in. 787 mm
Slug Weight, standard 140 lb 64 kg
Slug Weight, optional 100 - 340 lb 45 - 154 kg
CB6.2 Rotary Drive, 4-Speed
Torque, max 6,000 ft-lb 8,135 N•M
Rotation Speed 0-800 rpm
Thru Spindle ID 2.8 in 71 mm
CB6 Rotary Drive, 2-Speed
Torque, max 6,000 ft-lb 8,135 N•M
Rotation Speed 0-150 rpm
Thru Spindle ID N/A
Head Sideshift 26 in. 660 mm
Head Feed Pressure Control, wob Optional
Hydraulic Head Clamp yes
Direct Push Hammer Options
GH70 Direct Push Hammer
GH6400 Direct Push Hammer
Clamp Opening 8 in 203 mm
Clamp Range 2.25 - 8 in 31.75 - 203 mm
Clamp Force 0 - 21,200 lbf 0 - 94 kN
Breakout Torque 13,900 ft-lbf 18,846 N•m
Pullback 50,000 lbf 222 kN
Weight 1,200 lb 545 kg
Clamp Opening 7 in 178 mm
Clamp Range 1.25 - 6 in 31.75 - 152 mm
Clamp Force 0 - 17,500 lbf 0 - 78 kN
Breakout Torque 6,000 ft-lbf 8,135 N•m
Weight 350 lb 159 kg
Hydraulic Winch (as commonly sold - other winch options available)
Winch Option 1 (220614)
Line Pull 1,100 lbf 4.9/ kN
Line Speed 230 fpm 70 m/min
Drum Capacity 250 ft 76 m
Cable Size 3/16 in. 4.8 mm
Winch Option 2 (224247)
Line Pull 8,510 lbf 38 kN
Line Speed 115 fpm 35 m/min
Drum Capacity 250 ft 76 m
Cable Size 1/2 in. 12.7 mm

*Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.




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