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  • Geoprobe® Hydraulic Liner Extruder


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    • 3200

      The 3230DT and 3200 are TRUE combination machines, which means their utilization rates go up simply because they are well suited for both geotechnical and environmental work.

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    • 3230DT Combo Rig

      The 3230DT combination machine ... designed with speed and power in mind ... features proven Geoprobe® direct push technology and a multi-speed drill head which allows it to stand alone in the technical drilling market.

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    • 6712DT

      The 6712DT combines the strengths of the 6610DT (such as its Size and Cost Effectiveness) with creature comforts previously only seen in larger machines. It breaks into 3 separate components for easy travel overseas, it is Heli-Portable, and is a snap to put back together again.

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    • 7800

      Move from site to site quickly with our truck mounted Geoprobe® Model 7800! It has a newly designed more ergonomically positioned control panel with an advanced integrated diagnostics system.

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    • 7822DT

      The Geoprobe® Model 7822DT is a high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for limited access areas and a sufficient stroke for added work space under the hammer.

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    • 8040DT

      The Geoprobe® 8040DT arrives with exciting new possibilities, increased power, more versatility, and the push you need to stay ahead of the game!

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    • DT22 Soil Sampling System

      DT22 Soil Sampling System

      Geoprobe Systems® has permanently fused a core catcher to the Dual Tube 22 liners. The integrated core catcher prevents soil cores from falling out of the DT22 liner during sample retrieval.

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    • DT325 Soil Sampling System

      DT325 Soil Sampling System

      The DT325 Soil Sampling System, designed for use with 3.25 in. probe rods, uses a unique combination of cutting shoe, sheath, and liner retainer to allow efficient recovery of samples.

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    • DT35 Soil Sampling System

      DT35 Soil Sampling System

      The DT35 Soil Sampling System, designed for use with 3.5 in. probe rods, uses a unique combination of the cutting shoe, sheath, and liner retainer to allow efficient recovery of samples in formations ranging from plastic clays to saturated sands.

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    • DT37 Soil Sampling System

      The DT37 is the newest dual tube system by Geoprobe®, and it’s used with Geoprobe® 3.75 in. Probe Rods.

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    • Hydraulic Liner Extruder

      This tool sure makes life easier in the field. In the middle of a busy day, you don’t need the hassles associated with a stubborn, stuck liner.

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