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  • 32 Series Rigs: Triple Winch Options

    Geoprobe® 32 Series combination machines can run two hydraulic winches on the optional telescoping mast. Operators generally prefer to size one winch for pulling capacity and the second winch for speed or length of line. While many combinations are available, a common combination is a 5,000-lb winch for the heavy pulling and an 1,100-lbf winch for the faster/deeper wireline work. For those needing to maximize pulling force, a new 8,500-lb winch is now available for these machines. 

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    32 Series Winch Specifications
    8,500 lbf 115 fpm 150 ft 225390
    5,000 lbf 130 fpm 125 ft 220616
    1,800 lbf 110 fpm 175 ft 220615
    1,100 lbf 230 fpm 250 ft 220614
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