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  • SP60 Sonic Groundwater Sampler

    Groundwater Sampler for Geoprobe® 6 in. Casing


    The SP60 Sonic Groundwater Sampler is a packer based, deployable sampling system designed for collecting groundwater samples thru Geoprobe® 6 in. Casing.  The system includes an inflatable packer, 2 in. Stainless Steel screen, and an inflation manifold assembly.  The assembly is commonly deployed inside 6 in. casing with standard 2 in. schedule 40 PVC.  The packer is inflated via flexible tubing, inflation valve assembly, and air supply (not included).  Manual air pumps or a small air tank are common sources for the compressed air needed to inflate the packer.


    GW Sampling
    The most common use of the SP60 Packer Sampler is to collect discrete groundwater samples thru Geoprobe® 6 in. casing.  When inflated, the packer seals off the 2 in. Stainless Steel Screen section from any water that might be above the packer in the casing.  In many drilling operations (for example sonic drilling) water is required in order to flush cuttings and advance the drill string.  The water that is left in the casing is not desirable when taking ground water samples, and normally has be purged from the casing before actual ground water samples can be collected.  The SP60 Packer Sampler helps to ensure that the ground water being sampled is representative of that particular interval, and prevents the screen section from being exposed to the water inside the casing.

    The SP60 Packer Sampler can be used with multiple direct push and sonic sampling systems such as SDT60, 4x6, DT60, or 6x8 just to name a few. The modular design of the packer assembly also allows multiple packers to be used for different isolation options.

    Packer Assembly
    4.3 in. OD (not inflated)  EPDM (packer element)
    24 in. length 304 Stainless Steel Body
    Fixed end Rec. inflation pressure 25 psi.  (50 psi max)
    Female 2 in. NPT Threads (both ends)  Air inlet - .25 in. ID tubing 
    Screen Section
    304 Stainless Steel  60 in. Length
    Wire wound (wedge wire)  0.010 in. Slot
    2 in. Male NPT thread  
    Inflation Valve Assembly
    50 psi pressure relief valve 0-60 psi fluid filled pressure gauge
    Barbed fittings for .25 in. ID tubing (for air)  
    Ancillary Equipment
    • Adapter 2 in. Male NPT to 2 in. Sch 40 Flush Thread – A PVC adapter that allows the packer assembly to be deployed with standard 2 in. flush thread PVC riser.
    • Polyethylene Tubing 3/8 in. OD x ¼ in. ID 100 ft. Roll – Flexible tubing used to connect the packer to the inflation manifold.  Can also be used to connect the compressed air source to the inflation manifold.
    • 2 in. NPT Pipe or 2 in. Schedule 40 Riser – Pipe or Riser used to deploy or lower the SP60 Packer Sampler to sampling depth inside the 6 in. casing.
    • Air supply – small compressor, air tank, or manual air pump are all feasible options for use with the SP60 Packer Sampler.
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