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  • Sonic Drilling Rigs

    Geoprobe Systems® offers both full-size and mid-size rotary sonic rigs with multiple configurations and powerful sonic heads allowing you to choose the size and power options that best fit your needs.  Our sonic engineering team focuses on developing new technology based on customer feedback and industry demands, and our sonic support team is the best in the business.  With Geoprobe® Sonic, you can produce more cost-effective holes while retrieving more accurate subsurface data.  You can sample multiple geologic formations, including consolidated materials (rock), glacial till, and backfill rubble.  We design, test and manufacture our rigs including the heads, all at our facilities in Kansas, to meet our safety and quality requirements.  You can rely on us to support you in the field, not compete with you for work.

    The Geoprobe® Sonic Package is inclusive: rig, sonic head, tooling, training, service … everything is designed, produced, and supported by Team Geoprobe®.

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