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Machine Model Airknife - Portable
Year 2013

2013 Airknife

Additional Info: The vacuum excavation system, or air knife is used for potholing, daylighting, or otherwise making a hole in the ground in the safest, most time efficient way possible. This unit pictured has been used effectively at gas stations and other similar sites where health and safety concerns often require its use.  The system consists of the equipment that is pictured, plus a trailer mounted air compressor (not part of this package), making it one of, if not the most, compact vacuum excavation systems available on the market today.  This system makes indoor work or work in compact places or properties, a breeze where traditional units would have great difficulty working. Another advantage of this unit is that the spoils are kept adjacent to the hole, at shovel height.  Will sell it as outfitted exactly how we use it every day (without the air compressor, which can be rented at equipment rental shops close to your jobsite) or without the support truck.  The support truck has been built out to efficiently stow all the airknife gear.  Airknife can also be pallet shipped as needed and would easily fit inside a cargo van. 

Truck Make: Ford

Year: 2000  

Model: F-250 Super Duty

7.3L Diesel, 4WD, Extended Cab with all Metal Topper/Lockable


Asking Price: $ 24,500

Contact Name: Bryan Kinzer

Location City: St. Charles State: IL

Phone Number: (513) 702-7298

E-mail: bryan@directpushonline.com

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