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Used: Geoprobe® Model 6600 PC111

Machine Model Geoprobe® Model 6600 PC111
Year 2003
Probe Hours
approximately 2 506 hours
Truck Mileage
approximately 115 386 miles

2003 Geoprobe Model 6600 PC111 in working order.  Probe does not have an auger head or over head mast and winch, the hoses are there if you wish to add these options.  Upgraded hammer. 

Second is a Diedrich D-25 on tracks.  Runs good. 

Third is a CME 55 on a 1999 GMC C7500.  Truck has 71,263 miles.  Rig has 638 hours.  Was refurbished by Rig Source in 2010 and used very little.  Auto hammer, hydraulic breakout wrench, Moyno pump.  Looking to sell all three, or trade for a newer probe.  No tooling included. 

Probe: $40,000.00

D-25: $60,000

CME 55: $67,000.

Equipment is located in Charleston, SC.  Please give me a call if you are interested in purchase or trade.  843-870-4285, or email mkeller131@comcast.net

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