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Machine Model 54OUD
Year 2003
Probe Hours
approximately 3 216 hours
Truck Mileage
approximately 63 080 miles

2003 GMC K3500 4X4 dually chassis with 54OUD truck mounted Geoprobe rig.   Truck and rig is great condition, all maintenance records are available.  In additional to annual maintenance done, 54OUD includes valve bank replacement & new hammer slides (2016) and gearbox chain drive replacement and hydraulic hose replacements (2017).  Truck deck includes storage boxes for tooling, augers and CPT equipment.

Unit is ready to go to your next project, has worked very well for us, we have jsut purchased a Geoprobe 7800.  Drilled well to 40' in sandy clay tills with a single toe anchor and was good closer to 50' in softer siltier soils.  Asking $31,900 USD ($40,000 CAD) OBO.

For more information please contact: Karen Reichenbaugh at (780)467-1334 or karen@enctesting.com

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