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  • Macro-Core® MC5 Soil Sampling System (LWCR)

    Our MC5 Soil Sampling System is a single tube, discrete or continuous system with unmatched durability.

    Macro-Core® MC5 Soil Sampling System

    The MC5 1.25 in. Center Rod System was designed for the absolute worst of the worst direct push probing conditions. “These are conditions that we normally do not recommend probing in,” according to Mike Carlin, Project Engineer, “so we developed the toughest soil sampling system in the direct push industry ... it’s a brute!”

    Coupled with Light-Weight Center Rods, soil sampling got faster and easier! Times have changed since the first Macro-Core® tooling was developed in 1994. Machines are larger, hammers are more powerful, and field operators push tool strings deeper into the subsurface. The formula to meet these demands began with designing a larger MC Sample Tube (increased the OD from 2.125 in. to 2.25 in.) which led to beefing up the thread design. These improvements to the already robust Macro-Core® sampler make a great product perform even better in the field.

    Key Features

      • Robust Thread Design
      • Discrete & Continuous Soil Sampling
      • Quick Operation (no stop-pins required)

    Tool String Diagram

    Macro-Core® MC5 Soil Sampling System (LWCR)

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    Macro-Core® MC5 Soil Sampling System (LWCR)

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    MC5 Sample Tube 1M
    MN: 204551
    MN: 213845
    MN: 205387

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    Macro-Core® MC5 Soil Sampling System (LWCR)


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