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  • Indexing Rack for 10-foot Sonic Tooling

    Sonic Indexing Rack

    The indexing rack includes a basic frame system with large fork pockets in the base making drill site navigation a cinch. Load it up, pick it up, put it on the truck, and head to the site.

    With a few basic movements and one ‘touch’ of the drill stem, sonic tooling can be loaded into the rig’s rod loader, and the machine’s functions take over. The same can be said when tripping rods out of the borehole. The machine-based rod loader lowers the tooling to a position where once again a few basic movements and one ‘touch’ of the casing puts the tool safely back into the indexing rack until it’s needed for the next interval. The rack is adapatable to run 3.5-in. to 10-in. sonic casing in 10-ft. lengths.

    Sonic Indexing Rack

    The indexing rack has two, 12-in. rubber rollers that do all the heavy lifting during trip-in and trip-out operations. The rollers feature a unique latch arrangement so they can be easily positioned up and down for each row of tooling being used.

    The Geoprobe® Indexing Rack features two, easy-to-use, adjustable jacks for working on uneven ground, and a unique and simple racking system that separates tooling into rows making the management of individual pieces of 10-ft. sonic tooling more manageable. The indexing rack also features rubber rollers with a special latch arrangement for positioning each row of tooling being used. This is especially efficient on 4x6 applications where the entire drill stem is tripped in and out of the casing on each interval. The rollers can also be positioned so that long segments of center rods (2.25 in. diameter) can be placed on them without rolling off. This proves very helpful on dual tube applications where long strings of center rods are tripped in and out of the borehole.

    With one of these racks working in tandem with your sonic rig, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the days of wrestling heavy 10-ft. tooling in and out of racks, off of saw horses, out of slings, or worse case, off the ground! The countless, physical motions and dangerous touch points required to navigate tooling in and out of the borehole without the racking system will also be on the way out. This rack easy enough for a two-man drill crew to work safely and efficiently. No more 3- and 4-man crews will be required for a high-production day.

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