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  • Geoprobe® Sonic Casing & Bits

    Geoprobe® Sonic Casing is the foundation of our Complete Tooling Systems. See below for a full list of our casing by size as well as associated accessories.

    A BIT TO FIT Your Situation

    Geoprobe® provides a variety of sonic bits and shoes to suite a wide range of geologies from loose sands, dense clays, cobbles, boulders, to solid bedrock. We offer bits with various carbide shapes and configurations as well as different sizes to meet your project demands. This includes:

    • Smooth face shoes for softer sensitive soils that are unconsolidated.

    • Carbide bits with unique water channels for cutting through consolidated formations (rock) where face flushing is needed.

    • Specialty bits for unique applications such as ID carbides for undercutting cores and core retention.

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