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  • DT325 Soil Sampling System

    Geoprobe® brand Dual Tube Sampling Systems are efficient methods of collecting continuous soil cores with the added benefit of a cased hole. Our line of Dual Tube Soil Sampling Systems include: DT22, DT325, DT35, DT37, DT45, and DT60

    DT325 Soil Sampling System

    The DT325 Soil Sampling System, designed for use with 3.25 in. probe rods, uses a unique combination of cutting shoe, sheath, and liner retainer to allow efficient recovery of samples in formations ranging from plastic clays to saturated sands. It’s designed to quickly recover samples well below the water table.  Problems with liner failure or lodging are virtually eliminated with this system.

    Liners for these systems are clear PVC with an integral core catcher fused to one end.  This configuration maximizes sample recovery while minimizing entrance losses.  It’s also proven to be very robust in use.  The DT325 Liner Cutter, permits safe, simple, and quick cutting of the liners for sample logging. These Soil Sampling Systems are robust and durable. 

    A Liner Retainer, with threads identical to the Sheath Drive Head, is stronger and prevents the retainer from fusing to the Sample Sheath. The thread pattern on the Liner Retainer also made it possible to put the same thread on both ends of the Sample Sheath which allows for more even thread wear when the sheath is turned end-for-end thus extending the sample sheath life.

    DT325 Sample Sheath
    The simple design of the DT325 Sample Sheath, which is available in 3 lengths, features the same internal thread pattern on both ends. This allows the user to maximize the thread life by rotating which end of the sample sheath is towards the top of the tool. There is no window sheath option for this system.

    Key Features

      • Better performance in the field
      • Ease of use
      • Strength & Durability
      • Improved sample recovery
      • Liner is housed in a steel sheath providing sample integrity
      • PVC liner comes with integrated Core Catcher

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    DT325 Soil Sampling System

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    DT325 Soil Sampling System

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    MN: 205017
    3.25 PROBE ROD 1M
    MN: 202363

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    DT325 Soil Sampling System


    Geoprobe® DT325 Sampler System



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