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7822DT Options Released at the 2012 Open House

We strive to live up to our reputation of innovation, and at the spring 2012 Geoprobe® Open House we showed off some of the updates our team of engineers have been working on. Not the least of which is the collection of new and upgraded options for the 7822DT technical drilling rig. 

Safety Cage
First things first.. safety. The New Interlocking Rotational Safety Cage provides a barrier of protection for the unit operators and their fellow workers. The new safety cage is interlocked with the GA4000 augerhead, so that when the cage is opened, the auger speed is greatly reduced for safety measures.

New 7822DT Safety Cage

Breakout Clamp
The New 78 Series 7 in. Single Clamp Breakout gives you to the ability to use and easily break apart convential rotary tooling for rotatational work such as wet rotary & rock coring. The new breakout clamp can be retrofitted onto older 7822DT machines.

New Breakout Clamp

Upgraded Winch and Mast Options
The updated winch is faster and provides auto tensioning and the mast now has a four bolt take-off for low clearance. The mast also has newly available options including a pivoting head to allow you to easily reduce the machine's folded height, and a mast extension.

New Folding Mast & Winch

New Operator Interface
We've listened to customer feedback and upgraded the control panel. The new operator interface now makes the 7822DT smarter, safer, and CE compliant. The manual positioning controls provide greater durability and easier maintenance. The diagnostic display ( the "brains" of the machine ) stands on the shoulders of our 40 series machines and goes to great lengths to help prevent machine damage from outdoor elements, a lack of maintenance, and operator error.

Control Panel (Operator Interface)

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Published Fri Jul 13th 2012 by:

Todd Courbot

Kansas Based Regional Sales courbott@geoprobe.com
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