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The NEW Geoprobe® Model 3230DT: Geotechnical Versatility by Design

Our dialogue with geotechnical drillers has come full circle! Geoprobe® is now releasing the all new Model 3230DT: a mid-sized tracked drill rig combining advanced direct push functionality with traditional geotechnical auger rig and high-speed rotary capabilities. To date, the 3230DT offering may be the most versatile machine we’ve ever designed. It’s a true combination machine.  Field use is already proving that the 3230DT is effective in a wide range of applications. For the 3230DT user this results in quicker project completion, easier work for the operator, and higher utilization rates.

Visit the 3230DT page 

Published Fri Aug 15th 2014 by:

Gayle Lacey

Communications Director laceyg@geoprobe.com
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