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It's Here... The NEW 6712DT

6712DTLast week we introduced the all NEW 6712DT as the sucessor to the 6610DT at our flagship event, the 2012 Open House. The 6712DT is an Economical, Compact, Direct Push Drilling Rig. Those in attendance got to see an impressive demo first hand and get one-on-one time with Team Geoprobe® to discuss this "little" machine's big potential.

Today we are excited to release in-depth information about the 6712DT online. You'll be able to watch the video (coming soon), download the E-Specs and get more information on the main 6712DT page.

Give us a call to talk about your 6712DT!
Published Mon Apr 30th 2012 by:

Todd Courbot

Kansas Based Regional Sales courbott@geoprobe.com
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