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6712DT Low-Clearance Cylinder Addition “Valuable Modification” for Enviro-Dynamics

Rob Mores, Owner of Enviro-Dynamics in Hebron, IN, ushered in 2014 with the delivery of a new 6712DT to replace his trusted 6610DT. Although the new machine is slightly wider, according to Mores, the rear blade helps provide a more stable base for angled probing. “It’s much easier to maintain,” he stated, “due to easy access to the engine, hydraulics and other components, The control panel is primarily comprised of hydraulic controls with very few electronic switches, and the two-speed auger motor has more power than the 6610DT.”

The 6712DT allows Enviro-Dynamics to do everything they could do for their customers with the 6610DT and more, which includes standard probing, shallow monitoring well installations using hollow-stem augers, and advancing angled probe rods.

Early last fall, Mores brought the 6712DT back to the Geoprobe® Service Center in Salina for a quick installation of a low-clearance cylinder. “That proved to be a valuable modification” he said. “I left Salina when the installation was complete at about 2:00 pm on a Wednesday. I arrived home in Indiana at 1:00 am on Thursday, then drove to Michigan for a 9:00 am start that same day!” Mores explained. “So basically, the new cylinder was working in Michigan less than 24 hours after it left Geoprobe® Service.”

According to Mores, the low-clearance cylinder was key for the Michigan work. He installed a 1-in. diameter permanent monitoring well with 4-ft. rods inside a residential garage that had a standard 7-ft. clearance garage door, and a slightly higher 8-ft dry-wall ceiling. “We were working with a ceiling clearance of less than two inches,” Mores said. “It was quite a challenge.” Not only was the client watching, but so was the homeowner and a Michigan DEQ representative. “I’m proud to say everyone was impressed. When the work was completed there was no damage or holes in the ceiling.  It was a great feeling knowing that we were able to make quick use of the low-clearance modification.”

The 6712DT was also used to install shallow, 4-in. diameter soil vapor extraction (SVE) wells inside a facility with 9.5- to 10-ft. ceilings. The project was bid before the low-clearance cylinder was installed. The original plan included working with the standard probe cylinder and having 2-ft long augers fabricated specifically for this project. “The cost to have the augers made was going to be between $2,000-$2,500,” Mores recalled. “By using our modified 6712DT, we were able to use standard 5-ft. long, 6.25-in. ID hollow stem augers.”

In addition to using their 6712DT specifically for low-clearance applications, Enviro-Dynamics has found that it’s been an overall benefit on many projects due to working under overhead lines and obstacles. It’s also been safer to use for Mores and his Field Team because the probe cylinder does not travel as high so they aren’t required to raise the overhead mast/winch as high.

  • The 6712DT is set up inside a building with approximately a 9.5-ft. overhead clearance prior to drilling a 4-in. diameter SVE well using standard 5-ft. long, 6.25-in. ID hollow stem augers.
  • Tobin Mielenz (left) and Rob Mores with Enviro-Dynamics, use a 6712DT to install a 1-in. diameter micro-pore sparge well to approximately 40 ft. at a 45-degree angle boring through an existing subsurface vault.
  • Enviro-Dynamics takes their 6712DT inside an 8-ft. high garage after a low-clearance cylinder was added to install a 1-in. diameter permanent monitoring well. Their working clearance was less than 2 inches, but the project was completed without damaging the ceiling of the garage.

Probing Times Spring 2015

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