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3230DT: Combination Drill Rig from Geoprobe®

EnviroTek Environmental & Construction Services in Tampa, FL, wanted to attract more mining clients. Their new 3230DT Combo Rig has done just that. The high-torque and high-speed rotary range of the 4-speed combo head has opened doors to all kinds of field tasks for them. “The CB6 combo head (patented) puts a lot of power into hollow stem augers,” said Fred McKay, PG, Drilling Division Manager for EnviroTek, “and it has the control and finesse to run high-speed wireline tools.” When you add in a powerful GH70 hammer and the ability to quickly switch between tasks, you have versatility with ease. Call Geoprobe Systems® to find out how the 3230DT can help you bid a larger variety of jobs, reduce driller fatigue, and increase field production.  1-800-436-7762. or check out our new video.

  • EnviroTek in Tampa, FL, purchased the 3230DT so they could expand their drilling and CPT capabilities to support the needs of their mining clients. The added power (torque, downforce), dual winches, and telescoping mast have greatly increased their field performance and efficiency.
  • The EnviroTek crew was pleasantly surprised to find out that their next drilling location was on a farm next to one of the local strawberry fields. According to McKay, it was at the height of strawberry season and the berries were huge, and sweet as candy.  “Good thing we had to keep moving or we all would have put on a couple of pounds,” he said.

Probing Times Spring 2015

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