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About RSS


What is RSS?


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is an easy way for you to be updated when content you care about is posted online. It is sort of like a one-way email inbox. You "subscribe" to a "feed" to get the content you want into your "inbox".

The universal symbol for RSS is a small orange square with curved white lines .  
For more information on RSS you can visit whatisrss.com.

How Do I Use RSS?

While there are many different programs you could use, for the sake of simplicity I will show you how to use Internet Explorer 8 and Microsoft Outlook 2007 to subscribe to a RSS feed.

  1. When you are on a site with a RSS feed, click on a link to the feed (Usually the link says something like "subscribe to...") or click on the RSS icon in Internet Explorer's toolbar. This will show you a preview of the feed's content.
  2. Click "Subscribe to This Feed" and confirm your decision when the pop-up dialog asks you.
  3. You are now subscribed!
    To view the feed choose: 
    View >Explorer Bars > Feeds
  4. You can also now view the feed in Outlook by looking for the "RSS Feeds" folder in the left column. For all intents and purposes this acts just like an inbox except for that you cannot reply to the messages. 
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