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  • 8150LS Rotary Sonic Rig


    Full-Size Rotary Sonic Rig


    50K Dynamic Force

    The 8150LS Sonic Rig advances 10-ft. tooling and has a 13-ft. 1-in. head travel.



    Rotary Sonic Rig

    The 8150LS is a full-size sonic rig that delivers big sonic power to the customer. Designed and built as a direct response to requests from large, multi-national companies, the new sonic rig can continuously sample and set casing in excess of 300 ft. (90 m) in a wide range of formations. It made its initial appearance at our 2014 Open House by driving out of a 40 ft. shipping container in the center of the arena (complete with rod handler and sonic head).

    The Geoprobe® 8150LS Rotary Sonic has been proving itself in the field ... so much so, Geoprobe® sonic customers are purchasing more than one! For those of you who wanted a larger platform with more power to advance larger diameter tools to great depth, this sonic is for you. A key feature of this rig is the Geoprobe® designed and manufactured GV5 Sonic Head with 50K dynamic force. Call us to arrange for a demo: 785-825-1842

    Design & Engineering

    “We chose the Geoprobe® 8150LS sonic rig because of the design and engineering of the rig, the quality and availability of the tooling, the knowledge and commitment of the Geoprobe® staff, the service department relationships, and the success we’ve had with the ten other Geoprobe® machines we have owned.”

    Steve Taylor, Owner
    Geologic Explorations,
    Statesville, NC

    Why Geoprobe® Sonic?

    New Sonic Machines...New Sonic Tools...New Sonic Success!

    • Comprehensive Sonic Training
    • Full-size and Mid-size Rigs
    • Sonic Service Support
    • Continous Sonic Product Development
    • Sonic Tooling In Stock
    • Exclusive Sonic Dual Tube Tubing
    • SUCCESS!

    Features, Options & Accessories

    • Compact Package
      Fits into an ocean-going container

    • Rod Handling Option
      More powerful. Safely handle large diameter tooling off of vertical.

    • Drill Mast Sideshift
      Quickly and easily line up on hole without moving the tracks.

    • NEW SONIC HEAD - More Power from the Head
      This head has a theoretical dynamic force of 50,000 lb. at 150 Hz, and a 2-speed rotation with 4,000 ft-lbf and up to 140 rpm. And, most importantly, it's designed, built, and serviced by Team Geoprobe® so you can be confident when you take this head into the field.

    • NEW TRACK CHASSIS - The Ripple Effect
      The 225 horsepower 8150LS is unique in several ways. Not only does the drill mast move fore and aft relative to the track base, it also can be shifted left to right, up and down, and run at angles up to 45 degrees off of vertical. Additional winch options, including a 400+ foot sand-line were added. Since an 8150LS can go deeper and accommodate larger tooling we added a 14 in. breakout option and more powerful rod handler. We also made extras, like a shifting breakout and weight-on-bit control--standard. And since we wanted to make mobilization between international projects simpler, we designed the 8150LS to drive right in to a 40 ft. high cube shipping container (door opening: 101 in. x 92 in. [31 m x 28m]).


    8150LS Specifications
    Width 90 in. 2,286 mm
    Length (transport) 300 in. 7,620 mm
    Length (deployed, extend fully retracted) 240 in. 6,096 mm
    Length (deployed, extend fully retracted with rod handler deployed) 314 in. 7,976 mm
    Height (normal transport) 114 in. 2,896 mm
    Height (low transport) 99 in. 2,514 mm
    Height (deployed; winch mast up) 310 in. 7,874 mm
    Extension (fore and aft) 6 in. 152 mm
    Lateral (side to side)  ±3.5 in ±89 mm
    Drill Mast Dump (Vertical Travel) 36 in. 914 mm
    Base Unit Weight 32,500 lb 14,740 kg
    Head Travel 157 in. 3,988 mm
    Head Crowd/Pull Force 20,000 lbf 89.0 kN
    Head Feed Pressure Control (weight on bit) Standard
    Head Sideshift 32 in. 813 mm
    Head Tilt Out 90°  
    Outrigger Travel 26 in. 660 mm
    Engine CAT 7.1 Tier 3 Flex
    Engine Rated Power 275 hp 203 kW
    HP Limited Pump: Max Pressure 4,000 psi 276 bar
    HP Limited Pump: Max Flow 100 gpm 378 l/min
    Hydrostatic Pump: Max Pressure 5,000 psi 345 bar
    Hydrostatic Pump: Max Flow 55 gpm 208 L/min
    Fuel Capacity 90 gal 341 L
    Max Angle Drilling Ability Off Vertical  45°
    Approach / Departure Angle in Transport 24°
    Ground Speed 1.5 mph  2.4 km/hr 
    Sonic Head Specifications
    Max Oscillator Speed 150 Hz
    Dynamic Force at Max Oscillator Speed 50,000 lbf 222 kN
    (High Torque / Low Speed) 
    4,000 ft-lbf /
    90 rpm
    4,424 N·m /
    90 rpm
    (Low Torque / High Speed)
    2,500 ft-lbf /
    140 rpm
    3,390 N·m /
    140 rpm
    Standard Winch Specifications
    Line Pull 2,500 lbf 11.1 kN
    Line Speed 110 fpm 30.5 m/min 
    Triplex Water Pump Specifications
    Max Pressure 1,000 psi 69 bar
    Max Flow 70 gpm 265 L/min
    Double Wrench Breakout Specifications
    Clamp Force 0 – 21,000 lbf 0 – 93.4 kN
    Casing Size Compatible 2 – 14 in. 51 – 356 mm
    Vertical Travel 9 in. 229 mm

    *Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.




    Overview & Features

    High-Speed Coring Head for Sonic
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Indexing Rack for 10-foot Sonic Tooling
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Geoprobe® Model 8150LS Rotary Sonic Rig
    Type: Overview, Sonic

    81 Series (Sonic) Rod Handling System
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Sonic Rod Handler
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Geoprobe® Exclusive Quick Change Hook
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Tools & Equipment

    Sonic Center Rod Guide
    Type: Tooling, Sonic

    Geoprobe® Sonic Double Wall 4.5 in. (SDW45)
    Type: Tooling, Sampling, Sonic

    Geoprobe® 2.25 in. Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap
    Type: Tooling, Sonic

    Sonic Weighted Wireline Sampling System
    Type: Tooling, Sonic


    No training videos are available for this machine. For a full list of available videos, click here.


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