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  • 8140LC Rotary Sonic Rig


    Powerful Mid-Size Rotary Sonic

    in a

    Low Clearance Option

    Full rotary capabilities combined with our patent-pending GV4 sonic head.



    Low Clearance Rotary Sonic Rig

    The Geoprobe® model 8140LC is a Low Clearance Roto-Sonic Drill Rig. It boasts of full rotary capabilities combined with our patented GV4 sonic head (a Geoprobe Systems® exclusive).

    The people behind the machine will bring you unmatched service and support. The 8140LS was proudly designed and built right here in Salina KS, USA.

    Give us a call to learn more!

    Why Geoprobe® Sonic?

    New Sonic Machines...New Sonic Tools...New Sonic Success!

    • Comprehensive Sonic Training
    • Full-size and Mid-size Rigs
    • Sonic Service Support
    • Continous Sonic Product Development
    • Sonic Tooling In Stock
    • Exclusive Sonic Dual Tube Tubing
    • SUCCESS!

    Features, Options & Accessories

    Geoprobe® GV4 Sonic Head

    • Designed, Manufactured & Supported by Geoprobe Systems®
    • Full Rotational Drilling Capabilities
    • Modular Head designed to simplify maintenance & repair
    • Head Tip Out 25 degrees
    • Oscillator Frequency 0-130 Hz
    • Patented Under US Patent No. 8,342,263

    Swing-Arm Control Panel w/ Advanced  Diagnostics System

    • Variable Location Control Panel per operator preference & Safety
    • Digital Display Screen w/ multi-function output
    • Electric over Hydraulic System
    • Advanced Warning display screens for operator & equipment safety
    • Variable Speed controls for drilling operations

    Proven 40 Chassis Design

    • Integrated Frame Rail System for optional features
    • Rear Stabilizer blade and drop rack tooling systems
    • Easy Engine Access for general maintenance & repair
    • Maneuvered w/ wireless or tethered remote systems
    • Two Auxiliary Hydraulic ports support optional accessories
    • Front Outriggers have 26” of travel (12” below tracks)
    • Rear Outriggers have 28” of travel (12” below tracks)

    Optional Features:

    • 3L6 Moyno Pump
    • Side Storage Box
    • FMC Triplex Pump
    • SPX40 Hose Pump
    • Rod Handling Arm
    • Secondary Winch System
    • Pressure Washer and Hose Reel
    • Optional Interlocking Rotation Guard
    • Optional DH104 Auto Drop Hammer

    Breakout System

    • Easily Unlocks Tool Joints
    • Holds Casing sizes 2 in. - 12 in.
    • Articulating Rod Holder

    Geoprobe® Sonic Tooling

    • 4x6 Sonic Tooling
    • 6x8 Sonic Tooling
    • 8x10 Sonic Tooling
    • SDT45 Sonic Sampling
    • SDT60 Sonic Sampling


      Standard Metric
    Weight (standard machine)
    19,350 lb. 8 777 kg
    Width 80 in. 2 032 mm
    Length (folded) 186 in. 4 724 mm
    Length (unfolded) 193 in. 4 902 mm
    Height (folded) 110 in. 2 794 mm
    Height (Folded for transport) 110 in 2 794 mm
    Height (unfolded - minimum standard working height) 192 in. 4 877 mm
    Height (unfolded - w/Rigid Break Out Option 168 in. 4 267 mm
    Height (unfolded - winch mast up) 249 in. 6 325 mm
    Extension (fore and aft) 15 in. 381 mm
    Lateral Swing ±8 degrees
    Oscillation ±10 degrees
    Fuel Capacity (diesel) 40 gal 151 L
    Engine (diesel) CAT® 4-cylinder turbocharged  
    Engine Power (continuous) 120 hp 90 kW
    Surface Load Pressure (standard machine) 7.5 psi 52 kPa
    Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 55 gal  208 L
    Hydraulic Flow (max) 100 gpm 376 Lpm
    Hydraulic System Pressure (max) 4,000 psi 276 bar
    Auxiliary Hydraulic Outlets Flow 0 - 12 gpm 0 - 45 Lpm
    Auxiliary Hydraulic Outlet Pressure 3,000 psi 207 bar
    Winch Pull Back 2,500 lb 1 134 kg
    Winch Line Speed 0 - 140 fpm 0 - 43 mpm
    Winch Mast Stroke 63 in. 1 600 mm
    Ground Speed  2.5 mph 4 kph
    Front Outriggers (travel below drill mast) 16 in  406.4 mm
    Single Rear Stabilizer Blade (travel below tracks) 12 in  304.8 mm
    Additional Wireline Winch
      Standard Metric
    Converts primary winch system to wireline
    (enough cable to run a wireline 375 ft bgs.)
    140fpm 42.67mpm
    Second Winch Set Up 2,000 lbf 2 976.33 kgm
    Line Speed 110fpm 33.53 mpm
    GV4 Sonic Head
      Standard Metric
    Vertical Travel (GV4 Sonic Head) 92 in.  2 337 mm
    Side Shift Travel (GV4 Sonic Head) 26 in. 660 mm
    Head Tip Out 25 degrees  
    Oscillator Freq 0-130 Hz
    Down Force 20,000 lbs  
    Retraction Force 20,000 lbs  
    Torque (high torque/low speed) 4,000 ft-lbs  
    Torque (low torque/high speed) 2,500 ft-lbs  
    Rotation speed (low speed/high torque) 80 rpm
    Rotation speed (high speed/low torque) 120 rpm
    Break Out System: (12” w/ Rigid Mount**)
      Standard Metric
    Vertical Travel 9 in. 228.6 mm
    Clamp Force (adjustable) 0-21,000 lbs
    Breakout Torque 13,500 ft-lbs
    Casing Size Compatible
    2 in. - 12 in.
    50.8 mm - 304.8 mm

    **Rigid mount option (for low clearance setup)

    *Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.




    Overview & Features

    High-Speed Coring Head for Sonic
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Indexing Rack for 10-foot Sonic Tooling
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Geoprobe® Model 8140LC
    Type: Overview, Sonic

    81 Series (Sonic) Rod Handling System
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Geoprobe® Exclusive Quick Change Hook
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Tools & Equipment

    Sonic Center Rod Guide
    Type: Tooling, Sonic

    Geoprobe® Sonic Double Wall 4.5 in. (SDW45)
    Type: Tooling, Sampling, Sonic

    Geoprobe® 2.25 in. Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap
    Type: Tooling, Sonic


    No training videos are available for this machine. For a full list of available videos, click here.


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