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  • 7822DT


    The Industry Benchmark


    Direct Push Equipment

    The 7822DT is equipped with many of the features Geoprobe® customers are accustomed to, and with many new advantages.



    High Capacity Direct Push Machine

    The Geoprobe® Model 7822DT is a high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for limited access areas and a sufficient stroke for added work space under the hammer. It was designed with specific goals in mind for the technical driller. Dependability. Expandability. Performance. These rigs will help you adapt to changing work roles whether you’re focused on environmental, geotechnical, or exploration work. From the small footprint of the 7822DT, which makes for easy maneuverability, to the power under the GH60 Series hammer, we think you’ll wonder why you don’t already own this machine.

    High Performance

    “Due to the small access and overhead wires, we put our new 7822DT on the job immediately. We turned 8.25-in. augers to rock and drilled 8-in. air rotary to install a 4-in. monitoring well. We were impressed with the machine’s performance!”

    Dan Sponseller
    Operations Manager
    Mechanicsburg, PA

    78 Series Machine Applications

    Angle Probing

    Angle Probing

    Easy probe placement makes the 78 rigs ideal for sampling next to or near foundations, or inside hard-to-reach places.



    Turning augers for well installation and other environmental investigations is made easy with the power of the 78 Series machines and augerheads.

    Concrete Coring

    Concrete Coring

    A 5-in. concrete core opens up the subsurface for sampling or monitoring well installation.

    Cone Penetration Testing

    Cone Penetration Testing

    The augerhead torque allows insertion of ample-sized anchors to stabilze the machine. Up to 9 tons of push is typical for this platform.


    Diamond Core Drilling

    Diamond Core Drilling

    This 7822DT cored through rock to 150 feet using industry standard NQ wireline diamond core drilling tools.

    Direct Image® Subsurface Logging

    Direct Image® Subsurface Logging

    These machines have been used extensively for MIP, HPT, and EC logging projects.

    Monitoring Well Installation

    Monitoring Well Installation

    Prepacked screen monitoring wells can be installed through driven 2.25-, 3.25-, 3.5-, or 3.75-in. casing.

    Gasfield Exploration

    Gasfield Exploration

    Sampling at a new oil and gas development site.


    Geotechnical Investigations

    Geotechnical Investigations

    Geotechnical information is collected for a new mining site.

    Mineral Exploration

    Mineral Exploration

    Core samples were taken of permafrost during this site investigation.

    Oil Field Investigations

    Oil Field Investigations

    A 7800 is used to install monitoring wells in an oil field.

    Rock Coring

    Rock Coring

    Coring through rock with the 7822DT and a 3.5 in. DTH Air Hammer.


    Sediment Sampling

    Sediment Sampling

    Macro-Core® sediment sampling in the riverbed during the investigation of a coal tar problem.

    Soil Sampling

    Soil Sampling

    A 7822DT collects cored borings from 190 ft. in a remote area of a national forest.

    Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)

    Standard Penetration Testing (SPT)

    78 Series machines can be equipped with an automatic drop hammer (optional) for performing SPT testing for geotechnical investigations.

    Storage Tank Investigations

    Storage Tank Investigations

    Collecting soil and groundwater samples to determine the extent of contamination from a leaking underground fuel line with a 7822DT.


    7822DT Features

    The 7822DT is loaded with features and capabilities that enhance subsurface sampling ... from direct push to hollow stem augering, from air and mud rotary to concrete and rock coring. Real success is found when the most efficient, cost-effective solution (the right rig and tooling) is incorporated to finish the task at hand (successfully completing a project and making money for your company). More than ever, Geoprobe® equipment is the best solution with the most options. You’ll find the 7822DT to be more powerful to complete rotational drilling projects, designed to work with larger diameter tooling, and equipped with more options allowing you to offer more services to your clients. And with the Geoprobe® customer service team, you can always count on fast and knowledgeable support when you need it.

    7822DT Dimensions

    7822DT Dimensions 1Unfolded, Helper’s Side: length and height
    7822DT Dimensions 2Folded, Operator’s Side: length and height
    7822DT Dimensions 3Folded, Front: width and height

    Features, Options & Accessories

    Some of those features Geoprobe® operators are sure to notice quickly include:

    • 7822DT Control PanelA totally redesigned Control Panel.
      More options.  More controls.  More feedback for the operator.  Just a nice layout. 
    • Rear Stabilizer Blade.
      7822DT Rear Stabilizer BladeUsed to stabilize the machine as well as transport the optional Drop Rack System.
    • Oscillation.
      Provides easy vertical positioning of the foot on unlevel terrain which, according to Victor, “is especially great for augering when you’re aligning the auger joints.  The operator has complete control over alignment.”
    • Auxiliary hydraulic power ports.
      Three quick coupling hydraulic power ports allow for the use of multiple field accessories including Moyno® pumps, hydraulic liner extruders, pressure washer modules, and many more.  What makes two of these auxiliary outlets even more useful is that they are proportionally controlled by the operator from the control panel, and the two have a flow capacity of up to 25 gpm.
    • Safety and Serviceability.
      Finally, but arguably the most important aspects of the new Geoprobe® Model 7822DT machine revolves around two big words: Safety and Serviceability.  Safety first.  This machine was designed and built CE compliant allowing machine owners to utilize the 7822DT on sites around the world regulated by the strictest safety protocol.  As for serviceability, building durable and field supportable machines has been a trademark of Geoprobe® for over 20 years.  During the design phase of the 7822DT project, the Geoprobe® engineering design team spent significant effort to streamline the service aspects users would encounter in hopes of eliminating or reducing a service interval whenever possible.  Along these lines, one of the most exciting service related improvements to the 7822DT is the GH64 Modular Percussion Power Cell Technology.  This feature allows for fast removal of the percussion hammer section of the optional GH64 hammer ... in less than 15 minutes!  Combined with the fact that this Modular Percussion Power Cell is small and compact, it can now be sent via standard overnight carriers for easy service and fast, efficient turn around ... with no special fees.

    So, think about it.  All of these features ... and more ... in the same Geoprobe® small, compact package.  “This machine is just so improved,” Victor added. “You can see the quality of this machine just by looking at it.”

    • 7822DT vs 7822LC Low Clearance Option
        -  Max. Height: 187 in. (4,750 mm)
        - 78 in. stroke

      Low Clearance:
        - Max. Height: 118 in. (3,010 mm)
        - 66 in. stroke
    • GA4100 Augerhead Augerhead
      Four Speed GA4100 (213945)
      Two Speed GA4000  (213944)

    • Automatic Drop Hammer Automatic Drop Hammer
      DH103 (213897)

    • 7 in. Single Clamp Breakout (212785) 
      Quick connect hydraulics for quick installation and removal of the clamp.
    • Hydraulic Liner Extruder
      For 5 ft. Rods (205501)
      For 4 ft. Rods (204258)

    • Moyno® 2L4 Positive Displacement Pump (205501)

    • Moyno Host KitMoyno® Hose Kit
      Helper Side Mount (217726)
      Operator Side Mount (217729)
    • 78 Series Mast & Winch Overhead Mast & Hydraulic Winch (215620)
      New configuration provides users better control and faster line speed.

    • winch extension tub3 ft. Winch Extension Tube (213364)

    • Rotating Overhead Mast and WinchRotating Overhead Mast & Hydraulic Winch (215728)

    • Side-Mount Rod Rack (209257)

    • Drop Rack System (207659)
      Easily and efficiently move tooling and supplies commonly used in the field. 

    • Drop Rack System Drop Rack System (207443)

    • Drop Rack with 50 gal. Pressure Washer System (213990)

    • 25 gal. Water Transport System (209445)
      Mounts on 207659 Drop Rack or on truck flatbed.

    • Rear Blade ForksRear Blade Forks (213203)

    • Safety CageRotational Safety Cage
      No Drop Hammer (213002)
      With Drop Hammer (212896)

    • Machine Vise Machine Vise (213932)

    • Accessory Mounting Brackets Accessory Mounting Brackets
      a. Stabilizer Blade (211664)
      b. Side Rail (211734)
    • Control Panel Screen Display Screen Heater Kit (207870)

    • Head Feed Pressure Control Module (216137) Head Feed Pressure Control Module (216137)

    • High Speed Water Swivel High-Speed Water Swivel with Floating Sub (216398)

    • Field Service Kit (214224)
      Hydraulic caps & plugs, electrical terminals,  and much more, geared to keep your machine in the field.

    • GH60 Series Nitrogen Charge Kit (202681)



    7822DT Unit Platform
    Stroke 78 in. 1,982 mm
    Weight (approximate) 8,000 lb 3,632 kg
    Width 64 in. 1,626 mm
    Length (folded) 133 in. 3,378 mm
    Height, w/standard mast (folded) 100 in. 2,540 mm
    Height, w/rotating mast (folded) 86 in. 2,184 mm
    Height, w/dual mast (folded) 100 in. 2,540 mm
    Height, no mast (folded) 79 in. 2,007 mm
    Height, w/mast (unfolded) 187 in. 4,750 mm
    Height, no mast (unfolded) 118.5 in. 3,010 mm
    Foot Travel 20.5 in. 521 mm
    Extension 15.5 in. 394 mm
    Lateral Movement (side-to-side) ± 7° from centerline
    Oscillation ± 13° from vertical
    Rear Stabilizer Lift 2,000 lb 907kg
    Rear Blade Width 60 in. 1,524 mm
    Ground Speed 0 - 5 mph 0 - 8 kph
    Surface Load 4.6 lb/in.² 0.32 kg/cm²
    Track Width 12 in. 305 mm
    Percussion Hammer
    Hammer System GH63
    Percussion Rate 32 Hz
    Forward Torque 517 ft-lb 701 N•M
    Reverse Torque 637 ft-lb 864 N•M
    Rotation Speed 0 - 234 rpm
    Power Cell Weight 90 lb 41 kg
    Hydraulic Systems
    Down Force 36,000 lb 150 kN
    Retraction Force 48,000 lb 214 kN
    Hydraulic Pressure (system) 4,000 psi 275 bar
    Hydraulic Flow Rate (system) 40 gpm 151 Lpm
    Engine (diesel) Kubota, 4-cylinder turbo, Tier 4i
    Engine Power (rated) 58 hp 42 Kw
    Fuel Capacity (diesel) 17 gal 64 L
    GA4100 Augerhead, 4-Speed
    High Torque 4,000 ft-lb 5,423 N•M
    Low Torque 400 ft-lb 542 N•M
    High Speed Rotation 0 - 750 rpm
    Low Speed Rotation 0 - 75 rpm
    Hex Adapter 1 - 5/8 in. 41 mm
    GH4000 Augerhead, 2-Speed
    High Torque 4,000 ft-lb 5,423 N•M
    Low Torque 2,000 ft-lb 2,7111 N•M
    High Speed Rotation 0 -150 rpm
    Low Speed Rotation 0 -90 rpm
    Hex Adapter 1 - 5/8 in. 41 mm
    Hydraulic Winch
    Primary Winch
    Winch Rating 2,500 lbf 10.5 KN
    Winch Speed 0 - 125 fpm 0 - 38 m/min
    Cable Length 75 ft 23 m
    Secondary Winch
    Winch Rating 1,100 lbf 4.4 KN
    Winch Speed 0 - 220 fpm 0 - 55 m/min
    Cable Length 250 ft 46 m
    7 in. Single Clamp Breakout
    Clamp Opening 7 in. 178 mm
    Clamp Range 1.25 - 6 in. 31.75 - 152 mm
    Clamp Force 0 - 17,500 lbf 0 - 78 kN
    Breakout Torque 6,000 ft-lbf 8,135 N•M
    Weight 350 lb 159 kg

    *Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.




    Overview & Features

    78 Series Winch Options
    Type: Features

    Geoprobe® Model 7822DT
    Type: Overview

    Geoprobe® Exclusive Quick Change Hook
    Type: Features, Sonic

    Tools & Equipment

    Portable Hydraulic Rod Clamp
    Type: Tooling

    Geoprobe® 3.75-inch Tooling System
    Type: Tooling

    OIP Overview
    Type: Direct Image®

    Geoprobe® 2.25 in. Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap
    Type: Tooling, Sonic

    Geoprobe® 7822DT - Driving 3.75 in. Tooling to 30 Feet
    Type: Tooling

    OIP Setup
    Type: Direct Image®

    Geoprobe® Pneumatic Slug Test
    Type: Direct Image®

    Geoprobe® STA Software for Pneumatic Slug Testing
    Type: Direct Image®

    Geoprobe® Electrical Conductivity (EC) Logging
    Type: Direct Image®

    Geoprobe® Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)
    Type: Direct Image®

    7822DT Running DT22 System
    Type: Tooling, Sampling

    Collecting Split Spoon Samples
    Type: Tooling, Sampling

    Geoprobe® 7822DT Concrete Coring
    Type: Sampling

    7822DT Confirmatory Rock Sampling
    Type: Sampling

    Geoprobe® Hydraulic Liner Extruder
    Type: Tooling


    Hammer Charge Procedure
    Type: Maintenance Minutes

    Offloading a 7822DT
    Type: Training

    7822DT Training Essentials: Introduction
    Type: Training Essentials

    7822DT Training Essentials: Daily Check
    Type: Training Essentials

    7822DT Training Essentials: Start & Cold Start
    Type: Training Essentials

    7822DT Training Essentials: Safety
    Type: Training Essentials

    7822DT Training Essentials: Transport & Operating Positions
    Type: Training Essentials

    7822DT Training Essentials: Systems Display Basics
    Type: Training Essentials

    7822DT Training Essentials: Auger Pulling
    Type: Training Essentials

    7822DT Training Essentials: Tethered Remote
    Type: Training Essentials

    7822DT Training Essentials: Wireless Remote
    Type: Training Essentials

    7822DT Tethered Remote Overview
    Type: Maintenance Minutes

    7822DT Wireless Remote Overview
    Type: Maintenance Minutes

    7822DT Wireless Remote Re-Association
    Type: Maintenance Minutes

    Fuel Line Bleeding
    Type: Maintenance Minutes


    Geoprobe Machine Lineup
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