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    Big CPT Push Power

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    Compact Package

    The compactness of the machine and its light weight make it convenient to mobilize to project sites.




    The compactness of the machine and its light weight make it convenient to mobilize to project sites. Larger pads on outriggers provide increased support when pulling tools in soft conditions. The newly designed, easy-to-use control panel gives the operator timely useful feedback.

    Features, Options & Accessories

    • Self-anchoring, multi-purpose platform
    • Versatile design allows static pushing of CPT, geotechnical, and Direct Image® tools as well as use of the GH62 percussion hammer to advance Geoprobe Systems® soil and groundwater sampling systems
    • 20 Ton push capacity (dependent upon anchoring conditions)
    • 23-Ton pulling capacity
    • Manual controls for all machine functions
    • Hydraulically activated CPT chuck
    • Easily removable chuck jaws
    • Wide chuck opening to allow passage of larger probes or casings
    • Two outboard mounted hydraulic anchor drives allow for fast and easy anchoring
    • Installs anchors up to 16 inches in diameter.
    • Hydraulic side-shift moves the GH62 percussion hammer to the side for static pushing and centers the hammer for percussion driving
    • Two hydraulic outriggers allow easy machine leveling
    • Geoprobe® 20 Series rubber tracked carrier minimizes ground pressure while providing machine stability in uneven terrain
    • Auxiliary hydraulic ports located at front and rear of machine provides power for remote equipment
    • Powered by a 4 cylinder, 58 HP, liquid-cooled Kubota turbo diesel engine
    • Two-speed cylinders cycle from bottom to top in 5 seconds at high speed and 11 seconds on low speed

    *Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.

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    Stroke 66 in. 1,676 mm
    Weight 8,720 lb. 3959 kg
    Width 78 in. 1,981 mm
    Track Width 12 in. 305 mm
    Length (folded) 135 in. 3,429 mm
    Height (folded) 88 in. 2,235mm
    Height (working max) 166 in. 4,216 mm
    Lateral Movement (side-to-side) 25 in. 635 mm
    Extension 15 in. 381 mm
    Main (Push) Cylinders (2) diameter 4 in. 102 mm
    Pulling Stroke Time (high-low speed) 5 sec -11 sec
    Down Force 40,000 lb. 178 kN
    Retraction Force 46,000 lb. 205 kN
    CPT Operating Pressure 2,500 psi 169 bar
    Track Drive Operating Pressure 2,850 psi 196 bar
    Hydraulic Flow Rate (system) 40 gpm 151 Lpm
    Hammer System GH62
    Percussion Rate 32 Hz
    Torque (hammer motor) 560 ft. lb. 759 N•M
    Rotation Rate (hammer motor) 240 rpm (bi-directional)
    Hammer Side Shift 12 in. 305 mm
    Fuel Capacity (diesel) 17 gal 64 L
    Engine (diesel) Kubota, 4-cylinder turbo, liquid cooled
    Engine Power 58 hp 40 Kw
    Leveling Jacks 2 forward, 2 rear Hydraulic
    Travel Speed 0-5 mph 0-8 kph
    Surface Load 4.4lb/in2 0.31 kg/cm2
    Anchor Drives 2
    Anchor Spacing, center-to-center 66 in. 1676 mm
    Anchor Drive Stroke 69 in. 1753 mm
    Anchor Torque 2500 ft. lb. 3390 N•M
    Anchor Diameter (max) 15 in. 381 mm
    Auxiliary Hydraulics: 3 outlets (ea) 30 gpm 114 Lpm

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    *Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.




    Overview & Features

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    Tools & Equipment

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    Hammer Charge Procedure
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    Hose Carrier Maintenance
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