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3230DT Combo Rig


Geotechnical Work


Environmental Work


One Machine

The 3230DT combination machine ... designed with speed and power in mind ... features proven Geoprobe® direct push technology and a multi-speed drill head which allows it to stand alone in the technical drilling market.



Direct Push | Rotary Drilling

The Geoprobe® 3230DT is a mid-sized tracked drill rig combining advanced direct push functionality with traditional geotechnical auger rig and high-speed rotary drilling capabilities.


All of the features of the 3230DT come together to create a rig that is efficient at what it does. Using customer feedback and past experience, we combined all of the features that make drilling easy into this machine, creating a platform that performs well in direct push and rotary applications. The high torque and high speed rotary range of the 4-speed head opens the doors to all kinds of field tasks.

The patented CB6 combo head is capable of putting a lot of power into hollow stem augers while also having the control and finesse to run high-speed wireline tools. When you add in a powerful GH70 hammer and the ability to switch between tasks quickly, you have versatility with ease. You may not use all of the functions on every project, but if you need to auger to bedrock and then do a confirmation core, it’s all there. Just set up and go to work!

Expanding Our Capabilities

“EnviroTek was in the market to expand our capabilities to support our work at the mines. The 3230DT was the perfect fit for our need to access remote areas and increase our capabilities to drill and sample deeper. The combination head with 6,000 ft-lb. of torque and GH70 hammer were just what we were looking for.”

Fred McKay, PG,
Drilling Division Manager
EnviroTek Environmental & Construction Services,
Tampa, FL

Geoprobe® CB6 Combo Head

4-Function CB6 Combo Head Key To Exceptional Performance

One of the key features of the 3230DT is the patented CB6 Combo Head, designed and built exclusively by Geoprobe Systems®, which makes it one of the most versatile machines on the market. The high torque and high-speed rotary range of the 4-speed combo head opens the doors to all kinds of field tasks. This head is capable of channeling a lot of power into direct push casing advancement and the speed and torque for turning hollow stem augers (up to 10.25 in. ID) while also having the control and finesse to run high-speed wireline rock coring tools. When you add in a powerful GH70 Hammer and the ability to switch between tasks quickly, you have versatility with ease. There’s no need for another drill rig or support equipment ... the 3230DT was designed to keep utilization rates high using just one rig.

Combo Head

You Can Do It All With One Machine


Direct Push Hammer

Direct Push HammerFor over 25 years, the backbone of the Geoprobe® brand has been the design and manufacturing of direct push equipment. We’ve incorporated our popular GH60 class hammer into the design of the CB6 Combo Head for direct push work. Or, if you need more power, the new GH70 hammer has the percussive energy needed to drive larger casing. You can equip your 3230DT with either hammer, or go with no hammer at all.drill rig or support equipment ... the 3230DT was designed to keep utilization rates high using just one rig.


Rotation Function

Rotation FunctionMultiple options of the combo head are available for rotary work. The 2-speed variant of the CB6 Combo Head has up to 6,000 ft-lbf of torque in Range 1, and a top speed of 150 rpm in Range 2 and is well suited for turning augers. For high-speed work, like diamond coring, a 4-speed variant of the CB6 is available with 6,000 ft-lbf of torque in Range 1 and a top speed of 800 rpm in Range 4. The 4-speed CB6’s combination of a manual shift selector and a hydraulically-shifting motor allows the operator to pick the speed and torque required for the job.


Head Clamp

Head ClampIf you’re using the Direct Push Hammer, you need to be able to pull casing back out of the ground. For that reason, engineers incorporated our patented hydraulic head clamp within the combo head to safely and quickly pull rods ranging from 1.25 to 6.0 in. OD while maintaining an open ID to speed up well installation.


Automatic Drop Hammer

Automatic Drop HammerRounding out the multiple functions of the CB6 Combo Head is the new DH105, and Automatic Drop Hammer for Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) work. The drop hammer is hydraulically swung out over the hole after the Combo Head is sideshifted away from the hole. The DH105 Automatic Drop Hammer comes standard with a 140 lb slug, or can be equipped with slugs ranging from 100 to 340 lb depending upon your needs.

Features, Options & Accessories

  • Mid-Sized Platform with More Power 
    Geoprobe® is known for small base platforms, but there are times when the driller just needs a little larger base to work from and the drilling operations require more horsepower. The 3230DT base is slightly larger and comes equipped with a 99 hp diesel engine. The rig has the power needed to successfully complete geotechnical rotary work while reducing upfront and operating costs. And the sturdy Geoprobe® frame rail mounting system makes it simple to outfit the unit with accessories for your specific tasks. The 3230DT’s rear stabilizer is compatible with the Geoprobe® Drop Rack System which can be used to move up to 3,000 lb. of tooling, water, and supplies to the hole.

  • Drill Mast
    The 3230DT drill mast may be one of the more unique aspects of this new offering. With a retraction force of 80,000 lb. at the cylinder and 84 in. of travel, the 3230DT has the pullback needed for direct push work. For DTH hammer and diamond coring work, the optional head feed pressure control allows the operator to simply control the weight on bit from the control panel. In addition, the 3230DT can be equipped with multiple winches and a telescoping winch mast allowing the tripping out of 20 ft. sections of tooling. The drill mast outriggers are another feature that is useful for rotary work. Lastly, the 3230DT can be equipped with multiple tool breakout options.

  • High-Speed Rotary Heads
    There’s no field work getting done without a head, so Geoprobe® engineers started out with the Model 8040DT CB8 head and tweaked it a bit. The basic layout of the head is the same ... parallel shaft gearbox with 26 in. of sideshift.  We kept our patented hydraulic head clamp to safely and quickly pull rods while maintaining an open ID. For direct push work, we have a new hydraulic hammer; the GH70 (splitting the difference between our popular GH60 and GH80 class hammers). For rotary work, in addition to the 2-speed head, we offer a new 4-speed drive with 6,000 ft-lbf of torque and a top speed of 800 rpm.  Rounding out the head is the new DH105, an automatic drop hammer for SPT work that is hydraulically swung out over the hole.


3230DT Track Platform/Undercarriage
Weight (apprx, base unit only) 17,000 lb 7,711 kg
Width 80 in 2,032 mm
Length (transport) 215 in 5,461 mm
Length (deployed, fully extended) 200 in 5,080 mm
Height (normal transport) 100 in 2,540 mm
Height (deployed, winch mast up) 286 in 7,264 mm
Extension (fore and aft) 11 in 279 mm
Lateral Movement (side-to-side) +8 degrees from centerline
Oscillation +11 degrees from vertical
Rear Stabilizer Lift 3,000 lb 1,361 kg
Rear Blade Width 78 in 1,981 mm
Approach Angle  26 degrees
Ground Speed  0 – 3 mph 0 – 5 kph
Surface Load 6.83 lb/in2 0.48 kg/cm2
Track Width 15.75 in 400 mm
Control Architecture Manual/Electric-over-Hydraulic
Drill Mast
Head Feed Travel 84 in 2,134 mm
Drill Mast Travel 25 in 635 mm
 Outrigger Travel 26 in 660 mm
Head Down Force 50,000 lbf 222.4 kN
Head Retraction Force 80,000 lbf 355.9 kN
Hydraulic Pressure (system 4,000 psi 275 bar
Hydraulic Flow Rate (system) 72 gpm 272 Lpm
Head Feed Down (rate) 60 ft/min 18 m/min
Head Feed Up (rate, regen) 93 ft/min 38 m/min
Head Feed Up (rate, non-regen) 46 ft/min 14 m/min
Engine (diesel) Kubota V3800 Tier 3 Flex
Engine Power (rated) 99 hp 74 kW
HP Limited Pump, max pressure 4,000 psi 275.8 bar
HP Limited Pump, max flow 72 gpm 273 L/min
Fuel Capacity 40 gal 151 L
Combo Drill Head
CB6.2 Rotary Drive, 4-Speed
Torque, max 6,000 ft-lb 8,135 N•m
Rotation Speed 0 - 800 rpm
Thru Spindle ID 2.8 in 71 mm
CB6 Rotary Drive, 2-Speed
Torque, max 6,000 ft-lb 8,135 N•m
Rotation Speed 0 - 150 rpm
Thru Spindle ID N/A  
Head Sideshift 26 in 660 mm
Head Feed Pressure Control, w.o.b Optional
Hydraulic Head Clamp Yes
Direct Push Hammer Options
GH70 Direct Push Hammer
GH6400 Direct Push Hammer
Hydraulic Winch (as commonly sold - other winch options available)
 Winch Option 1
Line Pull 1,100 lbf 4.9 kN
Line Speed 230 fpm 70 m/min
Drum Capacity 250 ft 76 m
Cable Size 3/16 in 4.8 mm
Winch Option 2
 Line Pull 5,000 lbf 22.2 kN
Line Speed 75 fpm 23 m/min
Drum Capacity 125 ft 38 m
Cable Size  3/8 in 9.5 mm
Automatic Drop Hammer, DH105
Drop Height, standard 30 in 762 mm
Float 31 in 787 mm
Slug Weight, standard 140 lb 64 kg
Slug Weight, optional 100-340 lb 45-154 kg
7-in. Single Clamp Breakout
Clamp Opening 7 in 178 mm
Clamp Range 1.25-6 in 31.75-152 mm
Clamp Force 0-17,500 lbf 0-78kN
Breakout Torque 6,000 ft-lbf 8,135 N•m
Weight 350 lb 159 kg
9-in. Pullback / Breakout
Clamp Opening 8 in 203 mm
Clamp Range 2.25-8 in 31.75-203 mm
Clamp Force 0-21,200 lbf 0-94 kN
Breakout Torque 13,900 ft-lbf 18,846 N•m
Pullback 50,000 lbf 222 kN
Weight 1,200 lb 545 kg

*Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.







Hammer Charge Procedure
Type: Maintenance Minutes


3230DT Checking & Adjusting Track Tension
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3230DT Fuel Priming
Type: Maintenance Minutes

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