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1.5 in. ID x 2.5 in. OD Prepacked Screen

Prepack Well Assembly

Installation of a Geoprobe® Monitoring Well shown at right.  The length of the screen can be lengthened by assembling multiple screens together.

  • Permanent monitoring well installation with a Geoprobe® Soil Probing Machine and 3.25-inch probe rods.
  • Can be shipped without sand for safe and inexpensive shipping. (Illustrated packing instructions included.)
  • Requires approximately 3.7 quarts (3.5 L) of 20/40 mesh sand to fill.
  • 5-foot length screen.
  • Multiple screens can be assembled for increased screen interval.
  • Minimum sand-pack thickness of 0.59-in.
  • Most effective when installed using Geoprobe® 66 series machines.

 Drawing of Completed Monitoring Well 



1.5 in. ID x 2.5 in. OD Prepacked Screen

Slotted Pipe / Min. ID

Sand Pack


Rod Size OD

Rod Size ID

1.5 in. Sch. 40 PVC
0.010 in. slots

20/40 mesh sand
factory packed

60 in.
1.5 m

3.25 in.
82.5 mm

2.625 in.
66.7 mm

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